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How good is yoga if you are high?

Higher senses, advanced self-awareness, light feeling … Waiting, are we talking about a post-yoga service or throwing stones? Sponsored, pot and yoga seem like a beautiful natural size (and it is not that people were mixed and working for the first time). But yoga teacher does not really recommend you upking while dog downward?

Of course, some Yogi thinks this is a bad idea.
Concern numero uno Security: Mary Jane controls your pain, emotions and memory (… and hunger) that changes your brain and body receptors. So yes, it’s probably a bad idea to hang yourself on a handstand while your motor skills are not in their in-game form. Likewise, if you fight panic attacks and anxiety, then marijuana can enhance those feelings – so crossing your thoughts and crossing alone can cause more harm than good.

An aggregate teacher, Kino McGregor, said he fully supports marijuana legalization for medical and recreational uses, but he acknowledged possible downside. He said, “Many people come to yoga for the treatment of addictive behavior which I think is challenging for treatment, which combines drug use with practice.” “Anybody can use substances as substances from facing strong emotions and thoughts.” McGregor believes that it is not reflective of yoga’s spiritual effort, which wants to see us deeply in achieving independence from our old designs. “Sometimes medicines mask the reality and without giving up on your stuff, the whole life provides enough good breaths to the coast.”

Ayurvedic Health Consultant Emily Ruth Razi “In general, cannabis are visually opposite of balanced, consistent or consistent between body, mind, and soul,” he says. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, associated with yoga (often referred to as the sister science of yoga) and Ayurvedic thought encourages the soul, which is characterized by balance, harmony and peace. Any substance, practice, or habit that makes the balance objectionable is mostly considered uncertain.

This recommendation against enhancing higher alcohol and other medicines. (A shocking cue on beer or wine yoga.) Many yogi choose not to participate in any of these and recommend their students alongside as well.

But canonies have other practices to welcome conscious use.
For those who are valuable, the feeling of peace and balance encouraged with Ayurvedic medicines is reasonably necessary for weeding love for smoking. And marijuana is not entirely absent from the history of Lord Shiva, one of the great gods and goddesses of Hinduism, is considered to be a great Yogi and it is also involved in breaking. He is often sitting in yoga by smoking a chicken pipe. In this way, some Shiva devotees used marijuana to deepen their meditation and prayer.

While enjoying the San Francisco-based Gonzza Yogi founder De Dussel, he described an “advanced” yoga experience for himself and his students. In his book Ganajgao, he wrote that the goal is not so much that you lose focus and as we mentioned before, it is a good idea to avoid intense arm balancing and curvature. Instead, reduce the idea, open a door in its profound way and dive into the meditative convictions.

As a yoga teacher for a long time, a resident of the legal marijuana state and a new (scarce) occasional user, I am somewhat suspicious-but curiosity-to mix the two. My yoga training has always been the pursuit of transparency and peace. But if the pot can help at least sometimes and do not prevent it?

So I tried a weed yoga class
It was not a well-known, branded class – it was a class given by a local yoga teacher, a friend’s friend, on a Sunday evening in a living room in San Diego. And you know what? It was awesome.

The teacher, who usually leads to an acute flow style in yoga, instead indicated a gentle practice with minimum instructions. I brought along my vape pen and took two puffs: once in the beginning and middle of practice once. They were enough to change my perspective but it was not enough to think me strange or eccentric. I felt more deeply and luxurious cosmetic in my body. I am glad in savasana. And after, I give hug around, then floated home to sleep in a sweet night.

Feeling inspiration, I asked closer to my yoga teacher’s circles and I was open to the people who realized that the yoga pair was open with a ja. Although I had talked with some teachers to the public POT yoga class, many of them practiced them with their best results.

Shelby Laurenin, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, a fan. He used medicinal medicines to heal from spinal injuries and injury to the brain. He said, “The plant allows me to avoid the long lasting use of pharmaceutical drugs and avoid all the consequences, though still successful yoga is effective enough for the career and overall living of education.”

Lufrine’s yoga exercises to practice the practice of the state, canadian meditation serves as a wonderful, sometimes helpful aid. “I can sit for a long time and often have more inspirational insights,” she says.

Another yoga teacher, Jackie Stenzel, agrees that a spontaneous condition of the mind is his good creator, but at one time he will use wet so that physical sensations are felt more and more. “It opens the yoga door for me, whether or not I plan to practice consciously,” he says. In the past, he said that he threw the stone very frequently during his yoga practice and it was very confusing – remember that when you are high, all the sensations can be increased with pain. “But there have been many incidents where canvas seems to create internal feelings with himself and the universe,” he said.

And perhaps the best response is to yoga teacher Julie (this is not its real name, but in New York where the pot is still valid and we all know how the snitch ends): “Remove your coffee table from the path, lighten up, and Do the exercises in the middle of your living room. If you get better and feel better to move your body, you need to do something more energy-at least Striving that life can not be so big.

Are yoga and weed mixed for you?
It depends on who you are too Whether weeds help or prevent any yoga practice depends on your intent, habit, and frequency mixing. Depending on a post you want to get where you want to go to- yoga or life-is not a good idea. But if you are so interested, it can be a real benefit to occasionally remove your perspective and improve practice.

As a yoga instructor, I do not recommend linking two sessions with each other – there is really the real advantage of maintaining self-awareness. But I believe that yoga gave rise to open psychology, and it did not mean to be violent, harsh or intolerant. The way I see it, there’s plenty of room for searching.

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